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  • Exploration project start-up
geological prognosis and prospecting study of defined by Client areas in Mongolia includes historical geological data collection, review and analyzing, field evaluation and mapping, providing reliable forecast, regional geological reviews, regional exploration targeting, review and validation of historic data, including validation of resources, data validation and migration into spatial database environments (2D/3D), final exploration targets selection.

  • Geological Mapping and Analysis of Drill Hole Data
includes base mapping, drill core logging, structural mapping to define geometry and mineralisation controls at regional to mine scales, interpretation of multiple datasets in an integrated 3D environment, expert analytical support to solve specific issues.

  • Complete field data collection and management
geological field data capture, drill hole data logging, mapping, sampling  (collection, preparation, processing).

  • Resource modeling and estimation
evaluations of exploration properties, reviews of exploration sampling results, optimization of drill hole targeting for resource definition, exploration and database management, creation of 2D and 3D geological, structural and mineralisation models, statistical and geostatistical analyses, resource estimation, classification and reporting for all stages of projects,  reviews of geological interpretations and resource estimates. Reserves calculation based on different methodology. Preparation of reserves calculation according to Mongolian requirements.